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The Diary of ... someone special to me

Chi mi vuole bene mi segua

Chilly Bumblebee
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Some thoughts just come and go. Some remain. Some are very intimate. Some like to buzz. Some like to simmer. Some I hate. Some I love. You won't be able to distinguish among these types. But those I've put down here are clearly opened for you to read, judge and comment.
I am a kissfull soul, and that's all you need to know about me.
These days I think that I have changed a lot in the past year. Probably a year and a half. I've burst my bubbles. I created new ones. Once again - I've never felt so in love, so alone, so lost and so whole. I might be wrong or right, but it's my own decision on how I see myself. I see new colours, feel new scents while the old ones still blow my mind. Today I find it amusing how the walk in what felt like a different direction only tought me that I am even more of what I thought I was.